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Welcome to Purchasenet

The single source for procurement professionals requiring an alternate sourcing tool

Locate, research, and select contractors according to specific business type. Sourcing for VETS, SDV, minorities, 8a, or other potential set a side business organizations.

Assisting your organization 

A tool to acquire goods and services from over one mllion large and small organizations. Our system includes past performance of all government suppliers and includes last price paid on millions of items and services.



 Includes all business types in the small and disadvantadged business community


Easy and Simple to Use

Find parts suppliers by National Stock Number, Commercial Part Number, form fit and function


Professional Services

Professional Service providers, organized in many ways to make your choices easy.

Showcase features and benefits

The Purchase net system is customizable to each agency or company's requirements. The founders have been the creative powers behind the move to paperless/electronic systems in the U.S. Goverenment and are well suited to meet all your data needs.

Multilevel file folder management

File system provides oversight and interaction management with different levels of agency/company supervision. Learn more...

Email blast to alternate sources

Download to excel of all types of disadvantaged suppliers; choosing those that have award history or those that do not. n more...

Parts for National Stock numbers

Detail data on all 13 million NSNs are availiable by a variety of indexing methods. The system is updated 4 times a day. Learn more...

Contractor award history

All contractor history provides a view of SAM.GOV registration data and all awards including GSA schedule awards, DLA small purchase, and FPDS/USA spending. Learn more...

By zip code

Finding a supplier by 2, 3, 4, or 5 digit zip is available to the user and may include a subset of those on GSA, having awards as well as disadvantaged.Learn more...

Agency Roadmap

Roadmap provides detailed analysis of spending within agency; from existing awardees to numbers of disadvantaged businesses to reviewing options.

Business type

All small business types are included in the databases and updated once a month from from associated Government records with GSA, SBA, SAM, FPDS, and DLA. Learn more...

Companies with GSA schedule

The system downloads links to awardees e-schedule library database.earn more...

FSC-NSN data - Mil specs

The system provides all data connected to National stock numbers including history back to 1966, drawings, and techinical specifications including Mil and Fed specs. Links to non-Government standards are included.Learn more...


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